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Ira Thomas combines a special blend of photographic talent with a sincere, caring, personal touch that results in exciting, unforgettable images of unsurpassed quality. Using skills that reflect his more than 30 years of photographic experience, Ira Thomas has one goal with every job he undertakes, a driving desire to please the customer and deliver an end product that exceeds all expectations.

At Ira Thomas Creations, we ensure that your affair will be recorded and memorialized to its fullest, leaving nothing behind, capturing images and memories to last a lifetime. Ira Thomas treats each and every customer’s event as if it were his own individual event. Ira is zealous in his efforts to please the customer and make the affair a pleasant experience for all. He ensures that the photographic aspect of your affair or event will be enjoyable for all.

At Ira Thomas Creations, each picture is individually analyzed, adjusted, and edited by our staff prior to its submission to the lab for printing. The result is that we don’t give our customers “proofs” of their event as most every other photographer in the industry does; instead we deliver a finished product consisting of magnificent “prints”. Further, we typically give our customers on average 50-100% more prints than the competition for the same type affair, resulting in unbelievable coverage of each and every aspect of your event.

Ira Thomas Creations uses the highest-end state-of-the-art digital cameras and shoots in the highest-resolution RAW quality, allowing us to furnish our customers with prints of stunning brilliance and magnificent clarity. The colors, sharpness, and richness of the pictures we deliver to our customers are so striking and superior that one feels as if they were experiencing the event live again. The significant difference in the quality of our finished prints is apparent from the moment you first get your product back and begin to look through the images. We don’t wait until you pick out the pictures that you want in your final bound album to make corrections to prints. We make these adjustments to every single picture we deliver to our customer, so that each print is worthy of being included in the album. The result is that the customer is not left with imagination as to how the print could be made better once it has been chosen for the album; instead, the customer sees the finished magnificent results from which to choose. Further, on every job, we convert numerous representative pictures to both black and white, and sepia(gold/brownish) tone, and include them with the finished product free of charge. In sum, there is a consistency and clarity to each and every print that reflects this painstaking detail that has been applied to the work which we produce.

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