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Rabenko is an artist who creates poetry for the eyes!

When I was seventeen, few photographers were artists. Most were just picture takers. I loved photography and I knew then that taking pictures and doing photography were two very different things. I wanted to learn to see. I wanted to understand light, film, optics, and perspective in order to skillfully record emotion, expression, and feeling.

More than twenty five years later, with all the wonderful new technology, even fewer real photographers exist amongst all of the picture takers. Unfortunately, the public hardly realizes that there is a much bigger difference between a pro and a real photographic artist than there is a between an amateur and a pro! Our vision connects us to our environment. The right image can move and inspire, soothe and comfort, and provoke emotion.

But there is no magic to “taking pictures.” Magic involves an equal mix of lighting science with artistic vision. So while an image should create emotion, expression and feeling….creating that image requires experience, technique and talent. Sculpting life with light makes all the difference in what we see in the image. Only through a skilled use of light can the sculpture be powerful and can the sculptor – the “Professional” – be considered an artist.

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